Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Baking Practice 4/4 - Honey and Banana Teabread

The Final and longest recipe, or rather longest cooking time, was Honey and Banana Teabread.

A pretty straightforward recipe, however i had misread it slightly and didn't have quite enough Honey, so i used all the honey i had for the mix and whilst that was baking i popped out to buy some more for the topping.

I also had trouble finding the nibbed sugar for the topping. I could only find it online and even then the first item i ordered wasn't what i was looking for - the grains seemed too small and i may as well have used granulated sugar! so i tried again and managed to get what i was looking for this time.

On slicing it, the loaf seem beautifully moist and with all that banana and honey (even tho it wasn't quite the whole 6 tbsp!)

I think this is another success that i will do again for the show (so long as my tasters think so!).

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