Wednesday, 16 July 2008

A little ball of white joy

The garden has got so chaotic now and there is so much going on both there and in life in general it seems that i have decided to stop the weekly photos. But i will still post new developments and photos of harvests which is starting to happen more frequently now.

But when i was watering and bug spraying yesterday i came across this! - hiding in the cabbages (which also feel like they might be starting to heart up!) - my first ever cauliflower!

Ok, so it's only the size of a golfball right now but it's exciting nevertheless - gives me hope for the other 3 cauliflower plants. I don't know what happened there, i planted lots more seeds than that, however i seemed to end up with lots of cabbage (i'll be eating a lot of coleslaw and balsamic red cabbage then!) and plenty of brocoli.

next year i think i'll sow less cabbage and more caulis! Its a long learning process, veg growing, in fact i don't think you ever stop learning.

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