Sunday, 27 July 2008

Dwarf French Beans Overload

Our first sowing of dwarf green beans came to a total of half a dozen, maybe a dozen at most. However, the second crop which are some seed that were sent to me by a swap partner in america have done really well. We would have eaten then but due to having access to the neighbours 2 large pots on their patio, the beans on there were a lot bigger and needed using first.

That was the plan at least. When we then looked again at ours yesterday they were getting a little too big too. So they went into the freezer along even more beans from the neighbours' pots!
The next glut i think we are going to have is runner beans, as you can see from the photo below. Some of them will have to be picked from the shed roof - yes, there is a shed behind there somewhere!! I've be using a step ladder to get up there to tidy them, train them and take the tops out. Its actually worked well as a growing method.


Everyday Moments said...

I remember the overwhelming amount of beans in my grandmother's garden as a child :). No matter where you live, some summertime things are universal aren't they?

Jenny said...

well another lot went on the freezer last night and that was after i had some for dinner. and i'm sure there will be more for the freezer tomorrow!