Sunday, 6 July 2008

New Toy!!!

Well i finally settled on a brand and make of camera, the job then was just getting hold of one before they sold out! The camera i had seen at a price that suited my budget and was recommended by a small independant camera shop was being discontinued it turned out as of couse with all technology these day it was being replaced by a newer model which was already in the shops. So my panic then was to see if i could quicky find anywhere else that still had some and see if they were selling them any cheaper.

Many of the main electrical superstores no longer seemed to stock them and those who did weren't cheaper than the independant stores, and i didn't really want to but something like a camera online. With technology i like to have somewhere i can take things back to in i have any trouble. So my choice was this:

Shop 1 - £200 package deal for the camera, a 1GB card and a standard panasonic case


Shop 2 - £170 for the camera, then i found a case for £15 and a 2GB card for £12, so £197 in total
obviously i went for shop number 2 - more storage and a case of my choice. so it's fairwell little Canon Ixus II!

It's served me well for 4 years, but its running out of steam, however despite this i think mum wants to use it as an intro to her first digital camera. I'm not sure how well it will work tho anymore, the screen seems to go purple when you try to take photos.
And hello to my new friend the Panasonic Lumix TZ3!

This side by side comparison shows the LCD screen difference - the Canon screen was about one of the biggest 4 years ago as well!

Anyway i have lots of playing to do - lots of settings and functions to find my way around but i'm already pleased with the quality of picture it takes. I took these last night.

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