Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Monday Photos

Sorry about the lack of photos last week but we were away (more of that in another post). We got back to a rampaging and wild garden which after getting some food in on sunday, we spent tidying up and watering as i don't think it rained here at all while we were away.

All tomatoes seem to be doing well.

The ones in the front garden had a drip feeder so have grown a bit more than those in the back garden.

Yet actually the first fruit have appeared on the ones on the patio!

The sugar snaps have out grown their wigwam.

Just hope we don't get any more strong winds!

The strawberries from this basket are unbelievably sweet, not sure if its the varieties or the fact it gets more sun than the planter on the patio.

i love just walking past and picking and eating the odd one thats ripe. although there were a few ripe yesterday so i gave them to mum to put on her cereal this morning.

despite being drowned whilst the drip feeder was being set up before we went away (which means i still havenn't need to water it!) one of the new seeds did germinate. i need to put some more compost round them tho and earth them up and stablise them a bit more.

came home to our first decent sized courgette, which mum had half of and i used the rest in a batch of ratouille.

first sowing of beetroot are finally forming roots - maybe i should feed them some worm wee........

Well i did have an almost ripe blueberry - it was huge too - but when i went back the next day it was gone!! it was by the edge of the cage so i can only think a bird got there before me sadly. might have to put the bigger cage on it.

second sowing of beetroot is coming on - might be time to put in the 3rd

Like the strawberries these are extremely sweet and wonderful to just pick the odd one as they ripen. birds got to a couple while i was away tho.

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