Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Proudest garden moment 2008 (so far!)

Remember my excitement at the appearance of my first ever broccoli? Well, mum suggested that i picked the first one because it was looking like it was going to start to open and flower, even though it wasn't as big as one you'd find in a supermarket.

But as mum pointed out its ok, because there are new ones growing below, almost like side shoots on a tomato plant. You can just about see them in that photo.

So here it is my first ever home grown broccoli, about the size of a baseball i would say.

We popped it in the steamer whole, and i don't know if mum was keeping a particular eye on it, but it was steamed perfectly. Not too crisp but certainly not overdone, juicy but still with a bit of bite. I can't explain how it tastes better or different when it's homegrown but i'm sure it does - maybe it's partly psychological too!

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