Saturday, 26 July 2008

The End of the Alphabet

The Great Big Veg Challenge have reached then end of the alphabet and have released a book to celebrate. Ok, so i'm not a mother looking to try and get a child eating vegetables, but i do eat a lot of them myself. Plus, with all the veg in the garden (and now the beans from a neighbour which i am looking after whilst they are away for a bit) i am always after new inspiration.

Also, i just had to have the book, as i had been following their alphabet journey from quite early on in the alphabet on my RSS feed.

The book is wonderful, it has so many funny little stories to go with each vegetable.

To celebrate the book and the end Charlotte was asking for people to email vegetable faces in, as a little competition. So here's my entry:

I wanted to use as much from the garden as i could, so the hair (green beans and rocket), eye brows (sugar snaps) and nose (broccoli) are from the garden.

However, the ears (potatoes), mouth (red pepper) and eyes (mushrooms and olives) are not. i was going to use my few blueberries for the centre of the eye but they are fruit rather than vegetables. But i'm sure you could debate whether many of the others the are "true" vegetables. I always thought a vegetable was something that grew underground, like a carrot, and a fruit was over ground, so technically cauliflower and cabbage would be fruit. Who knows!

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