Thursday, 20 March 2008

A Basic Soda Bread

I'd Seen this recipe on The BBC Food Message boards courtesy of PaultheBread a while ago and finally got round to trying it.


  • 200g Self Raising Flour
  • 1/4 Tsp salt
  • 125ml Cold Water
  • Splash of olive oil (optional)


  • Mix flour and salt, water and oil (if using) into a dough with a table knife - add a little flour or water if necessary. You're looking for a soft, squeezable dough (the softer the dough, the better it'll rise).
  • Turn it out onto a floured worktop, form it into a ball, place on prepared baking sheet and flatten it into a disc. Cut a deep cross into it and place in oven. I try and get it in the oven within 2 minutes of adding water.
  • Turn oven on to 220C/425F gas 7. Check after 10 minutes - should take between 25-30 minutes (if you put it into a cold oven - if you put it in a hot oven it'll take somewhat less).

Now i must admit i did get in a bit of a mess as my dough got a bit wet and i'd put the flour away already so had to get it out with my gooey hands and add a bit more,  so i didn't get it in the oven within 2 minutes.  but when i posted on the message boards with the photos and asked Paulthebread about this he said "I've started giving my soda breads a quick 20 action kneading without noticing any difference. As long as you don't knead for 5 minutes or more"

So i think  it is just that it is normally a doughy bread anyway compared to a yeast bread.


Hopefully the Teaspoon gives you an idea of the size.


and other comments from the message board:

"That's a splendid looking loaf!ok"

"By the colour of it, I'd say that was done - and as Josh says, it's a pretty impressive rise for a loaf made with 200g of flour!"

"I must say that's a lovely bit of bread you've made.
Not having made soda bread before, I'm very impressed. But more so, I think your photographs are terrific. Thank you for letting us know how you got on. I really appreciate it, & I do like a good piccie. ok"

Bit if a boost for my confidence!


Also Paulthebread said the above photo looked like i had cu the loaf with a knife,  which i had.  he said it compresses the dough and it's probably better just to break it into quarters, along the lines of the cross.


Over all though if you fancy freshly baked in half an hour,  i'd recommend it!

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