Saturday, 1 March 2008

Canadian Visitors

There are 2 reasons for the 2 week break from blogging - The first one is that during the first week we had relatives from Canada staying from Sunday to Friday and then on Saturday we all met up in London before they flew home last Sunday, and the 2nd is that the 2nd week has been spent recovering and regaining energy.

So a brief run down of the first week....

Sunday - Mum, David and i went down to Brighton to see mum's Auntie Jean before driving on to pick up mum's cousin and his wife from Heathrow. Oh and lets not forget the hour in A & E mum and i spent with Grandpa after he seriously cut his arm whilst digging veg in the garden - only took us 3 hours and me getting very very emotional to convince him to go!

Monday - a trip to Cambridge, where John decided he wanted to try punting on the River Cam... which Judi was a little apprehensive about, but it all ended happily and John may have found a new career move!


Tuesday - a day in London where we had a trip on the London Eye


a wander round Covent Garden, Dinner at Belgo Central and then Spamalot which i am undecided about. Certainly not a musical i feel i need to see again.... The cold got to us all that day.

A Tourist Trap Photo

Even the Tourist Trap photo turned out nicely though by complete luck! So mum bought the set of 2.

Wednesday - A rest day. Went to search out some real cream cakes to satisfy Judi's British cravings then a walk round Hatfield Forest after lunch and then to Tescos to satisfy Judi's Cadbury's chocolate cravings and John found some Bloater Paste.

Thursday - we took a trip to The Shed in West Mersea for a divine lunch of fresh Seafood. If the world were to end tomorrow this would most certainly be my last meal!


Friday - we drove to High Wycombe to drop them off at some friends - disastrous lunch at The Beech Tree Pub DO NOT EAT THERE (unless you want a dry, chewy cheap white baguette, no butter or spread, grated cheap cheese and bits of ham and a bit of salad on the side - on the menu as a cheese and ham baguette, which it was sadly, just very poor quality!)

Saturday - mum and i drove back to Nan and Grandpa's in Brighton (sadly David was ill) where we all got together - John, Judi, Jean and their friends and had lunch. it was lovely for us to all be together, especially with the older generation not wanting to fly across the Atlantic much more so who knows if it will ever happen again.

As you can see a very busy week - no wonder i've spent the last week recovering! and then towards the end of this week mum's been ill, probably david's cold and now i feel like i'm getting it - so i still don't feel rested!

However while John and Judi were here, Judi came with the request from her youngest Dave, to bring back some of my bottlecaps. so as they were staying a few days i had time to make a custom design with the logo of Dave's band, Tea for the Voyage.



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