Monday, 24 March 2008

Mum's Birthday Dinner

So you've read the present and card story, now here's what i did for her birthday dinner.   I tried to think of the dishes i know she really loves but then it also had to be something i could cook and not get too stressed over. Plus i then needed to think about what i was going to cook for myself at the same time.

I settled on Salmon en Croute but i wanted it to be a bit more interesting and special than just salmon in pastry (as it was described by one of mum's work collegues the following day to another who didn't know what it was). 

So i had a quick web search and found a couple using tarragon, watercress and eventually settled on this one from Delicious Magazine,  but i had seen one of BBC Good Food which was similar but used cream cheese instead of butter and we already had some cream cheese in the fridge that needed using.  So i used the recipe as a rough guide and to cut a long story short it worked well and my worries about the parcels bursting or the pastry not cooking were unfounded.

Pre Cooking:


Cream cheese, watercress, tarragon, lemon juice and seasoning:


Out of the oven:


"Salmon en croute with watercress and tarragon, steamed new potatoes and asparagus" Ready to serve - not as pretty as i would have like it to look but the proof is in the pudding as they say!


Cross section:


Well, none was left and the feedback was good.  I told mum to be honest and not just to eat meals i make just to spare my feelings,  so she said her only criticism was that the asparagus needed more taking off the bottom ends.

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