Sunday, 30 March 2008

Onions have made an appearance!

This morning's good news is that 2 onion seedlings have made an appearance overnight. I did actually buy a net of red onion sets and a net of white too,  just incase the seedlings don't work - so it could be a lot of red onion marmalade in the autumn!!

I also bought nasturtium seeds and marigold seeds to plant to hopefully help keep bugs away by companion planting.  I also got some fennel seed too - as in the bulb not the herb.

my other seedlings (red cabbage, kale, broc and cauli) are now out in the cold frame as they were starting to go mad in the bedroom - too warm and not quite enough light.  They do come in at night to the porch though.

Tomorrow being Monday marks the start of my Weekly photo diary - i decided i should do it weekly or i will be taking photos constantly!!

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