Monday, 10 March 2008

Farmers Markets are the wrong market

I know i've only done 2 farmers markets now and maybe that isn't enough to gauge whether selling my bottlecaps there will work or not.  But the 2 markets i have done have been complete flops, both Ugley and Newport.  Although at both markets other stall holders have told me that it has been extremely unusually quiet, i still feel that even if it were busier then  it would make much a difference to my sales.


Frustratingly this time, as nice as it was to be in the main hall, i was right slap bang in the middle of the hall!IMG_6007

But as i was able to see the whole market this time, i made sure i watched what was going on around me.  so here are my observations;

  • General age group: 50+  There were a couple of younger coupler,  and a couple of pregnant women but all the regulars were over 50.
  • many came with their own recycled bags and their shopping lists.  they knew what they wanted. they had their regular items that they bought from the market.

Other stalls who sold a lot more were

  • The Eggs
  • The Fish
  • Clavering Pigs (pork)
  • The Lamb and Beef
  • The Mushroooms
  • Mel's Cakes
  • The Pate and terrine stall
  • The Bread stall

there were only 3 other stall who didn't sell hugely but i think they still sold more than me (yes! i did actually sell something, but the customers were other stall holders)

  1. Jams, Chutneys and Sauces
  2. Pies and Quiches
  3. Handmade soaps

I made 2 sales.  one was a mushroom magnet to the mushroom stall holder and my other sale was to the lady selling beef and lamb.  she liked a cow magnet that was part of a set of 2 and a chicken that was part of a set of three.  she asked me if i'd split them up - well if its going to get them sold then you do what you have to do!

Anyway i'm going to forget about farmers markets for now.  people keep saying "you need to go to a craft market and try there" but what they don't realise if the cost of a stand at those places - the cheapest i found was a market in Ilford for £45 - for my products and prices that just isn't practical.

So all my farmers market stock will now slowly be added to my Dawanda Shop.

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