Thursday, 27 March 2008

Seeds of 2008

On a very snowy 23rd March, while mum was outside freezing herself digging up the garden, i was hiding inside sowing the seeds.

So, in the 8 yogurt pots and the 2 smaller round (goats cheese) pots are 3 acorn squash, 3 new zealand pumpkin, 2 butternut squash and 2 kabotcha squash. In the 3 larger round (cottage cheese and creme fraiche) pots are courgettes.  In the 2 square (monster mushroom) trays are Cabbages (red and white) and Broccoli and Cauliflower.


Next we have 3 different types of tomato plants; Beefsteak, Tumbling Tom and ordinary tomatoes.


Then in two larger (tescos value mushroom) trays are onions (red and white) which i am trying from seed this year rather than sets,  so who knows if that will work! and Red Kale,  which i think i will also sow direct to the soil when it warms up a bit.


And finally we have plenty of French beans:


I bought my parsnip and carrot seed yesterday.  i wanted to get purple carrots as something different but the only different ones i could find were yellow carrots,  so i got them.  I am still yet to find purple carrots in a shop rather than in a catalogue.

So there we are - presenting the Seeds of 2008!


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