Thursday, 6 March 2008

Hair Cut for 60p!!!

I debated whether to go into town or not today after feeling so ill yesterday. But as i was feeling better this morning i decided to give it a go, and i'm glad i did.

As i walked into the shopping centre, i was approached by a girl. "oh no" i thought "what's she trying to sell me?" but no - would i like a free hair cut? my initial reaction was no, it was more that instinctive reaction to someone who approaches me in the street. "can i have a few minutes of your time?" or "can i just ask you a quick question?" "do you have double glazing?" etc etc...

plus my mind was thinking "what's the catch?" - maybe i just watch too many programmes on TV like The Real Hustle. but the i quickly turned back as accepted her offer. Why not? i mean my hair couldn't look any worse really, plus maybe it would help me feel a bit better, a little pampering and all. Just one problem - Car parking - i'd only put an hour on the carpark.

So i sorted the hair cut just before my ticket ran out so i could simply buy another hour in the car park (for 60p) and go have a hair cut.

It was at Avant Garde, which isn't a cheap salon. I had a wash, cut and blow dry which normally costs £19.80 with junior stylist - so not only do i have tidier looking hair, had someone wash my hair for me, dry itc etc and i feel better because i saved £19.20!!

not keen on the volumising product she used tho - feel like i need to wash my hair again!!

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