Thursday, 20 March 2008

I had to Angel my matchbox swap :(

Sadly someone who was in my 2nd letter in a matchbox swap flaked (the definition of "flaked" for non swapper is that the didn't send to their partner) and it turned out that they were partially suspended too,  so i think they had flaked on more than one swap.  What was even more sad was the swapper who was flaked on (who didn't receive), it was her first matchbox swap and she was really looking forward to it.  IMG_6012

Not having hosted many swap (a total of 4 now) i was too sure on the angeling process.  To angel a swap it the send to the unlucky person without receiving in return.  As it was my swap and only one angel was needed i decided to angel it myself and the unfortunate swapper was happy with this.  so i set about creating another letter in a matchbox - she said she would just be happy for the matchbox,  but i couldn't let it go like that!!


So this is for Pym, with a couple of little surprises inside!


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