Monday, 10 March 2008

The Storms are coming.....

Mum and i thought we'd go out into the garden yesterday afternoon to try and do a bit of tidying up, however the blackening clouds didn't give us too much hope of staying out there long.

within an hour, in fact probably less, we were back inside and the ground looked like this!!



no it's not snow - it's hail! i've never seen a hail storm go on for so long. even once we were inside we were still be bothered by it. mum put the TV on and every time she turned up the volume because she couldn't hear it over the hail hammering on the window the hail seemed to get heavier! it was like a battle between mum and the weather!

This morning the promised heavy storms have certainly arrived. since 6.30am i have been up, because i finally decided that the wind and rain hammering on my bedroom window wasn't going to go away and i may as well give up on getting anymore sleep! not looking forwards to going out today, but its supposed to be the first day at the Sue Ryder Care charity shop for me.

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