Monday, 24 March 2008

Mum's Birthday

With her new found love for orchids and keeping and growing this years Mother's Day and birthday had a theme to it. 

For mother's day i gave her a card made with one of my orchid photo prints and a book on orchid keeping and growing. 

Then for her birthday i took the chance on ordering a photo canvas print of the orchid.  Again a photo i had taken but until the canvas arrived i had no clue as to how the quality of the photo was going to look.  But it arrived a week before her birthday and when i placed it in the room i knew the risk had paid off.


So then i set to work on her birthday card,  again orchid themed and it was actually the same print as the canvas.  Mum didn't know anything about the canvas and on the morning of her birthday i simply left the card out for her but said nothing about a present.  she knew i was cooking dinner but what she didn't know was that i had asked D to hang the canvas on the wall when he got home from work in the half hour before mum then got home!

The card i decided to try decoupage - which looked lovely but was so fiddley to cut out.


So she got home from work and normally she goes into the downstairs loo - but of course sods law - this one night she didn't!  Anyway the door was slightly ajar so eventually the browned paper wrapped canvas on the wall caught her eye. But it certainly lifts the rooms and fills the space on the wall nicely.


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