Thursday, 20 March 2008

A Satisfying Clean

Its getting to the time of year again where we're thinking about doing bits in the garden.  I've weeded one veggie bed and started yesterday on the 2nd in the back garden.  But the other job that needs doing is the patio needs jet washing and cleaning.  With snow forecast for this weekend we set about the task last Saturday before the forecast rain on Sunday.


i took these photos half way through the first jet wash after we had scrubbed in some fairy liquid - not that we were sure the washing up liquid did any good!  so while mum went out to get some more patio cleaner, D and i shifted the garden furniture and jet washed the other half.


We had finished by the time mum got home - she did about 2 laps of Homebase on her own and the another one with the staff to find the stuff! - so we scrubbed/brushed in the patio cleaned and left it to soak in while we had some lunch. The jet washed it off and had to use the watering can (water from the water butt i hasten to add - sadly you can't connect the jet wash to the water butt!) - to rinse away the bubbles.


It's still wet in the picture above, but now that is dry but its amazing the difference it make to the garden when you look out the window.  It makes everything look so much brighter.  I just love the before and after photos, as they show you the work you've achieved.

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