Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Update in pictures

Feeling Lazy and can't be bothered to type long stories with each photo in separate posts, so before i get too behind in blogging here's a brief update.  This way i can file and organize my photos too.

I dug over the garden and came across this pretty little fungi, although i expect he wouldn't be such a 'fun guy' if you took a bite!  IMG_6032

Actually i have a Collins Gem mushroom book on my shelf...... could be a Wood Blewit maybe? look like the one here on Wiki. Habitat according to Collins Gem; In leaf litter of woods, hedgerows and gardens.  Well, that fits, and it says its edible when well cooked - and to think i just threw it away! Not that i'd fancy taking the risk anyway!

Then Saturday, when mum and i were due to meet Nan in London to see The Sound of Music (which was good but i'm just set in my ways with Julie Andrews and the film, i've seen it too many times and i don't like change i guess.) we work up to the promised snow for Easter.


fortunately by the time we left it hadn't really done much as you can see from the Rhubarb patch below.


However, when i woke Sunday morning, after clearing the night before at about 7am it started snowing again!


but this time it continued....


Until about midday!!


and there was a fair covering (well, for south east England!) by the time it stopped....


I do have more photos on my camera of snow from Monday (yesterday) including one of my mother who was out gardening in the snow, insisting it wasn't cold! no, mum it can't be cold - it's only snowing!!!!  That and the start of my seedlings picture diary which i have decided i will do once a week on a Monday (if i remember) but it was only due to showing a photos of last years seed to harvest photo diary that i realised it was exactly a year ago that i planted the squash seeds,  so thought i should get some seeds sown!  But i'll upload them later.

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