Monday, 10 March 2008

A visitor to the garden

mum and i drove home  the other day and into the close to find a surprise in the middle of the close.  Wandering in front of the houses, through the front gardens so i tried to get a photo of him.  But this was the best shot i got as the nervous visitor disappeared into a neighbours garden.IMG_5929

Can you guess what it is yet??

Anyway we continued putting the shopping away and i left my camera on the stairs just incase.  He had obviously come from the fields at the back of our house and the only way he could have got in was to fly over the hedge rows so really that was the only way for him to go back home!  i was thinking about that and thinking that our house is the only one where our side gate is open and he could have strolled through our to the front garden and into the close when mum called upstairs to me.


sure enough he had found his way back through our front garden and down our side passage, into out back garden,  where i was able to get some better shots of his beautiful colours.


He had a peck around for a bit before try to look for a way out back to the fields. 


he knew the direction he needed and wanted to go in.  as usual with pheasants it just took him a while to use his wings to get him there!


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